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Elevate your Generative AI Solution with Reasoning

Reasoning allows AI systems to analyze information, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on logical inference and evidence. It involves understanding relationships between different pieces of data, identifying patterns, and using logical rules to reach conclusions or solve problems.

At Lynx Analytics, we combine reasoning with Large Language Models (LLMs) to significantly enhance the capabilities of Generative AI solutions. LLMs excel at understanding and generating natural language text. By integrating reasoning capabilities into LLMs, we give them the ability to not only generate text but also to reason about it. This integration enables our AI systems to understand context, infer relationships, and generate responses that are more coherent and contextually appropriate.


Using Graph AI to Enhance Reasoning Capabilities

Graph AI excels in mapping out complex relationships within networks, utilizing nodes and edges to represent and predict intricate dynamics. By integrating Graph AI with machine learning, we significantly improve our reasoning solutions, offering clearer and more impactful analyses. Our unique approach marries machine learning, Graph AI, and large language models to not only uncover but also forecast and elucidate the evolving dynamics in networks like medical knowledge graphs or key opinion leader networks. This ensures our AI systems are adept at reasoning, providing insights, and suggesting informed next steps.



Our Clients


Problem Solving Across Industries

Life Sciences

Learn how you can leverage big data and AI to improve your medical and commercial results with our solutions for the life sciences and healthcare vertical.


Predict customer data, manage churn, plan and optimize your network and drive engagement to your app with our solutions.


Leverage on our retail solutions for assortment optimization, demand forecasting, gaining deep customer insights and more.


Increase customer acquisition and customer retention across online and offline channels with our banking solutions.

Our Technology Partners

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Google Cloud


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Latest Case Study - Creating Personas for Successful Pharmaceutical Marketing

Learn how we enhanced the transparency and relatability of persona attributes, fostering deeper collaboration between data scientists and marketing professionals for a prominent US-based pharmaceutical company.


Watch The KOL Co-Pilot Demo

The era of traditional CRM driven by dry workflows is coming to an end. Say hello to our state-of-the-art KOL Co-Pilot, where GenAI brings excitement and value add, within the bounds of regulatory compliance. Sales rep and MSLs can now interact using natural language to explore comprehensive HCP profiles with past engagement analysis, KOL network and insights, conversation simulations and personalized Next-Best Action and content recommendations.


LynxKite – Highlights from Microsoft Build 2024 

Excited to showcase Lynx technologies at Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle during a special NVIDIA event! Our COO, Amit Akhelikar and Chema Lizano, Head of Engineering, introduced LynxKite's latest version, now supporting LLM model embedding to combine graphs and text in LLM applications. Thanks to Inception and CSPGTM teams for inviting us to demonstrate how we leverage NVIDIA AI on MS Azure for advanced Generative AI solutions.


Meeting of the minds at ATxInspire

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, was discussing with Gyorgy Lajtai, CEO of Lynx Analytics, about the barrier that exists between “Fast Thinking” and Reasoning (aka “Slow Thinking”). A barrier Lynx Analytics is directly addressing and that Jensen considers to be the next breakthrough in AI.

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