Gábor Benedek (PhD)

Chief Innovation Officer

Gábor is the CIO and ‘Professor-in-Residence’ at Lynx. He provides senior leadership in social network analysis (SNA) and predictive analytics.

​Gábor has served numerous clients in the Southeast Asia region. He is also closely involved in developing Lynx’s core Big Graph Analytics product.

​Prior to Lynx, Gábor was the founder and managing director of Thesys Labs, an eHealth data mining consultancy company. Here he contributed to the world’s largest public physicians’ social network database, with real patient-flow data between GPs and medical specialists.

​Earlier in his career, Gábor was one of the founders of Data Explorer, the first predictive analytics company in Hungary. Data Explorer built the first SNA software for mobile customer churn in Europe based on Gábor’s theoretical proposals. He and his team also developed and implemented an ATM cash optimization mechanism, based on which half of all ATMs are replenished in Hungary today.

​Dr. Gábor is an Associate Professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest and received his PhD in 2003. In 2012, he received the “Best Application Paper” from the European Decision Science Institute. Gábor is the author of one book and author/coauthor of over 20 articles.

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