Sander Swinkels

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Sander architects high growth commercial scenarios and drives the organization’s functions, mission and operations.

​Before joining Lynx, Sander was General Manager SEA for Palantir Technologies and a global leverage lead. Prior to Palantir, Sander worked for Capgemini as a public security principal and led critical consultancy services in Europe and Asia.

​He has 18 years of military, paramilitary, and law enforcement experience, serving various roles with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (National Police). During his last 7 years as the National Chief Intelligence Officer Sander was a senior leader in command and control, change management, and implementation of sophisticated technologies to support critical missions.

​Sander holds a MSc degree in Economics and Information Management from the University of Amsterdam. He graduated from the prestigious Royal Netherlands Military Academy in Breda as a Commanding Officer. Sander was awarded the (Dutch) Bronze commemorative Medal for Multinational Peace Operations after his tour for the Stabilization Force in Iraq.

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