Celcom partnership with Lynx Analytics helped them understand their customers experience better. Lynx Analytics transformed its service offerings on customer retention and helped them better target their customers better.

Improving Customer Value Management (CVM)

About Celcom

Celcom Axiata Berhad, DBA Celcom, is the oldest mobile telecommunications provider in Malaysia. Celcom is a member of the Axiata group of companies. Established in 1988, Celcom has been bridging communications and is advancing towards integrated multi-access, multimedia services and IoT solutions, in line with evolving technologies and consumer expectations in Malaysia.

Key challenges of Celcom 

Celcom faced an intense price competition which resulted in approximately 6.7% of customer churn per month. They were looking for ways to migrate their existing customers to postpaid contacts which could generate a higher ARPU. 


The Solution

Since Celcom primary focus was campaign optimization and usage experiences, we short-listed a group of factors in the Customer Happiness Index which was inline with the business objectives. 




Some of The Factors Explained




Factors 2


Pedro Uria Recio - VP Head Axiata Analytics

"We decided to evaluate/develop the Happiness Index in Celcom in a joint project where Lynx brought their AI technology and experience from other telcos and Axiata Analytics provided data engineering and automation skills as well as the understanding on key issues Celcom faced. Some of the key challenges we faced were about being able to extract all the data components related to the operational and marketing drivers that can impact the Happiness Index of each subscriber, as well as scaling up the Happiness Index across all CLM activities. As a result of the joint work and close collaboration with Celcom, the PoC proved to be a success at using the Happiness Index in retention campaigns and delivered the expectations in our business case for these campaigns. The project was a great use case for the AAC to work with partners to integrate new technology to the operating companies, and we look forward to working with Lynx to continue to innovate with impact."

Customer Value Management (CVM)
At a Glance:

  • Measures operational and touchpoint NPS
  • Integrates with your internal BI tools for creating campaign white lists


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