About The Company

A leading telecommunications service provider in Southeast-Asia, with approximately 160 million customers.

The Challenge

  • Estimated monthly revenue loss on churn is approx. 27 million USD (5.9%)
  • Offers and promotions were not targeted towards the right customer segments. The marketing team was giving away offers and promotions to non-churners since they were not able to predict the customers who were at high risk of churn.

Our Solution

  • Utilized and processed aggregated data from Data Warehouse, created multiple forecast scenarios.
  • An automatic forecast is calculated every month using updated source data.
  • Use the churn model for targeting high-value customers with high-value channels and high-value retention offers.
  • Calculate the probability of churn on subscription level for effective campaign targeting and proactive offers.
  • Churn scores are evaluated monthly/ weekly/ daily bases. Churn probabilities and scores are adjusted.
Our Solution

The Outcome?

Helped to retain 2 million customers monthly contributing to its absolute domination of the medium to high-value market, that’s around 10 million USD revenue per month.