Customer Happiness Index For CX Professionals

CHI helps CX teams to drive customer-centric initiatives across the entire organization aligned with your business objectives.

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Identify CX Metrics That Impact Your Customers' Experience

Predict crucial CX metrics such as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) on the entire customer base instead of a random sample of customers.


Identify Key Attributes That Drive Customer Experience with the CHI Simulator

Predict potential impacts on Customers' Experience and business outcomes based on marketing campaigns and other activities. With the CHI Simulator, you can predict the impacts before making a decision.


Customer Insights

Understand your customers' behaviour and profile with various attributes related to socio-demographics, loyalty program membership, spending, contract type and more.

Create Customer Segments Within Seconds

Advanced Predictive Capabilities

Linking operational measures to business outcomes using data science predictive models


Easy Integration

Integrate CHI with your existing CX tools such as Customer Care, CRM platforms through our API

Export Functions

Export Functions

Easily export your customer segments to CSV or Excel files


Find out how CHI helped HKT predict Churn rates, increase ARPU and NPS score.

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