A partnership made in heaven. Lynx Analytics’ graph engine dramatically accelerates the speed of deep learning algorithms and gives you unparalleled contextual insights critical to your business.

LynxKite: The Complete Graph Analytic Engine

We believe the best analytics software should come with a set of algorithms and applications that amplify its capabilities. With over 120 native algorithms and stunning visualizations our graph technology effortlessly reveals hidden network properties and detects unknown clusters in otherwise dormant raw data.

  • Massively scalable, up to billions of edges
  • Choice of Python programming or a web interface
  • API integration with 3rd party applications
  • Complete interactive analytical workbench
  • Native graph algorithms including PageRank, community and colocation, fingerprinting, and viral modeling

Flexible, Modular and Adaptive. Your Expressway to Graph AI.

You need plug-and-play solutions, not another digital transformation project. That is why we have built a fully modular enterprise solution stack that is based on open standards such as Apache Hadoop and Spark. This makes it significantly simpler to integrate with your existing information infrastructure, in a wide range of environments from large enterprises to greenfield CSPs.

Client Data

We know it can be hard identifying the right data sources from hundreds within your organization. Our deployment team will work closely with you to map out what data you need, either structured or unstructured.


Data integrity always comes first. That means making sure your consumer data is rigorously protected via secure methods such as masking and encryption. It also means full connectivity with any inhouse data warehouse and data tables for analytic production over Hadoop.

Analyze | Automate

The Customer Happiness Index is a versatile solution designed to tackle many critical aspects of your business, from customer retention to user-centric CAPEX allocation. This is why we have built an extremely flexible analytic core, available as is or via Python API, and fully integrated with your existing analytic systems. Powered by Apache Spark this beast of a software produces insights right when you need it, or can be scheduled to refresh daily based on robust automation frameworks.


Our clients require intelligent visibility on the experience and sentiments of millions of consumers, at any one time. Lynx’s analytic dashboards deliver that effortlessly, thanks to our smart storage and processing capabilities. With an intuitive design and secure access protocols, we empower you to get the right type of insights anywhere anytime.

Ad Engine

We can integrate with any bespoke advertising platforms, so that you can tap on the power of the Customer Happiness Index to create truly personalized segment-of-1 advertising experiences.

Activation Channels

Our solution can connect with both your internal and external activation channels, for both ATL and BTL campaigns. Want to create event-triggered offers for your consumers, speak to our experts today.


The growing adoption of Hadoop and HDFS allows clients to quickly deploy our solutions and enjoy low storage cost per byte and solid data reliability. To ensure speed and responsiveness our solution separately stores raw, aggregated, and processed data, scalable to billions of data points.


The Customer Happiness Index is both a technology and a methodology. To get the rest of your organization ticking along you want to be able to infuse these analytic insights with existing applications you may have across the business. That is why the Lynx Data API is meticulously engineered to connect with any external application, lightning fast.

How Fast?


requests per second
in a single machine


of requests delivered
under 5ms


of request delivered
under 100ms


Graph Ethnography, Powering the Customer Happiness Index

Our clients, such as communications service providers (CSP) and banks, have one challenge in common: how to leverage their massive depositories of data to deliver optimal experiences for each individual customer? Our team of data scientists has created a suite of proprietary ethnographic algorithms to predict the Segment-of-1, redefining what your data can do.

Identifies unique individual subscribers, who may use multiple services and devices provided by the CSP (mobile SIM cards, broadband internet, or TV services). Our LynxKite graph engine effortlessly detects overlapping usage patterns and identifies the real single user.


Two or more customers belong to one household if they live together and share the same bill. A number of data points factor into the Single Household View (SHV):


Allows us to understand how the experiences of close personal networks (friends and family) influence a customer’s perception of service quality.

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