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Improve Commercial Effectiveness


Build a cutting-edge omni-channel marketing strategy through our AI solutions, which empower your sales and marketing teams to make data-driven decisions. Our model integrates data from different sources to successfully segment your target HCPs based on attitudes, adoption ladder scores, and channel preferences.

Accelerate Drug Discovery


Speed up your drug discovery process with our unique graph analytics platform for bioinformatics. Identify targets, biomarkers, and drug candidates at unprecedented speed and scale to design better clinical trials and avoid costly failures.

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Best Practices For Pharma Analytics

In this three-part series, learn how pharmaceutical companies can leverage advanced data analytics and AI solutions to have a radical effect on their commercial operations.

How Data Analytics Can Help Pharmaceutical Firms Modernize Engagement With Key Opinion Leaders And Improve Sales Performance

Learn how you can use any combination of sales, CRM, web crawling and KOL data to meet marketing and sales objectives.

Digital ATUs For Pharmaceutical Firms 

Learn how Lynx Analytics uses a live integrated dashboard that combines digital ATUs, web crawling data, a company’s commercial data and advanced analytics into a single platform for dynamic insights to improve pharmaceutical companies success rates.

Best Practices For Pharma Analytics - Dashboards For Business Operations

Learn how dashboards can empower pharmaceutical companies with centralised, comprehensive & real-time data to optimise business monitoring and decision-making processes.




Data Infrastructure Transformation Gives Global Pharmaceutical Firm A New Edge

Learn how Lynx Analytics partnered with a leading global pharmaceutical company to overhaul its legacy data systems, thereby empowering it to improve its customer engagement and optimise its commercial agenda. 




Best Practices For Pharma Analytics - Optimizing the Brand Adoption Ladder

Learn how an AI-based recommendation engine can equip your commercial team with the necessary insights to target potential customers.

Pharma Analytics - Creating Digital Personas of Your Customers

How designing digital profiles of your target HCPs can empower you to tailor your commercial strategies for better and more successful results.

Bring Your Pharmaceutical Business Into the 21st Century With Data Analytics

Read on to discover how data analytics can optimise your sales and marketing efforts – and prime your organisation for commercial success.

New Data Tools Helping Pharmaceutical Firms Find Their Best Advocates

Learn how pharmaceutical companies can use AI to have the opportunity to track and evaluate KOLs with high accuracy and in real time. 

A Typical Market Study In Pharma Asks 37 Questions. Thats 30 Too Many

Even today, most ATUs are conducted using “old school” research techniques that are offline, limited, and costly. Learn how Digital ATU's can help Pharmaceutical firms save time and yield better results.

9 Reasons Why Pharma Needs To Change It's Market Research Approach 

Here are 9 reasons why the traditional method Pharmaceutical companies use to conduct ATU studies may not be the right way to do so.