A Commercial Simulator Built for Retailers

The Lynx Retail Simulator has been developed to help you optimize store operations. The tool is especially useful in the current context of economic uncertainty where it can be difficult to decide on the best store closure and re-opening strategy.

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Plan Your Post-COVID Path to Recovery

Estimate store recovery in terms of revenue and margin, based on predicted traffic, opening hours, staffing levels, discounts, promotions, assortment, and inventory levels. This is based on predictive analytics using your own data and/or third-party data.

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Optimize Price, Assortment & Inventory

The simulator helps you optimize at the item (SKU) level:

1. Pricing, including promotions and discounts

2. Assortment mix

3. Inventory

Simulation and optimization can be performed for single stores or multiple stores at a time.

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Predictive Models Based on Advanced Machine Learning

The Lynx Retail Simulator is based on predictive models developed by our data scientists and tailored specifically to your conditions. It can cover multiple regions or countries. These predictive models learn on a continuous basis from stores which have already reopened to create the most accurate predictions.

How the Lynx Retail Simulator helped a global retailer increase it’s in-store revenues during COVID-19

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