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What's LynxSights?

LynxSights For Retail enables retailers to gain insights about their store visitors and catchment area with information such as consumer demographics, sociographics, psychographics, competitor stores, population density, footfall and traffic levels to help store owners plan their product mix, displays, promotions and even store location in order to generate in-store traffic and maximize sales per square foot.

Scalable and Flexible

Location Customization

Modify catchment area dimensions with a few clicks to create customized views

Flexible Analysis Periods

Granular analysis of your information according to time of day, day of week or month
Native Graph Algorithms

Trends Analysis

Visualize patterns and trends up to 24 months in the past

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Get a Thorough View of Every Potential Customer

Go beyond basic demographics to truly understand the characteristics of your customers in your immediate area. Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your store, planning to open a new store, or simply consolidating an existing store network, LynxSights lets you see and unlock the potential at your doorstep. 

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Easy Access to Key Information

LynxSights is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere. It does not require any specialized hardware. No more worries about managing different licenses and data sources. All the relevant data is integrated in one place.

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Supporting Your Analytics Strategy 

Understanding what drives consumption in the immediate vicinity of your store is an important step in your analytics journey. Eventually, this information can be combined with your internal sales data to create powerful insights to guide your strategy. 



Unique Insights For Your Store

StoreSurveyor lets you access a wealth of information based on location and time. For any given location, the software displays a catchment area and provides Consumer demographics, sociographics, psychographics, store surroundings, competitors information, population density and more.



Try LynxSights For Free

Try LynxSights For Free

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