Lynx Analytics at Spark+AI Summit 2018

Geraldine Sim - Content Marketing Strategist

Author: Geraldine Sim

For the first time this year, the annual Spark Summit conference put “AI” into its name – officially titling it Spark+AI Summit 2018. As a heavy-user of Apache Spark, participating in the conference is almost a tradition Lynx Analytics holds close to our hearts. (To think we started with Spark 0.9.0! Good times…)

Topics like Machine Learning has always been previously represented at Spark Summits; like last year, we did a talk on ‘Neural Network that Learns from a Huge Graph’. However with big data technologies getting more reliable (or some say ‘boring’) and deep learning making huge advances – Databricks shifted the spotlight to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This was great news for us, because we focused much of our research and development efforts on AI in the recent years! 🙂

At this year’s summit, with over 4,000 attendees and 200 talks, Janos Maginecz and Dániel Darabos from Lynx Analytics proudly presented their investigative research on methods for understanding the internal workings of neural networks. We called it ‘How Neural Networks See Social Networks’.

You’re welcome to check out the recorded video (on Vimeo) or the slides (on Slideshare)! We’re also publishing a series of blog entries which are like summaries of our presentation. Be sure not to miss out on the entries – enter your email below to subscribe to our newsletter!

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