Your always-on, segment-of-1 index on customer experience performance and loyalty prediction

Regain control over customer satisfaction.

We combine data science with human expertise to score the business impact of each experience or ‘happiness ingredients’, every day and for all customers. It empowers you to take the right actions at the right time and create more loyal customers.

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Case Study: Predicting Silent Network Complainers


Happiness Ingredients

One Index, Many Measurements

We designed the Happiness Index to capture and display the business impact of individual product experiences. That is why we created separate experience categories and a comprehensive list of index ingredients to offer the granularity required to drive corrective actions.

Smart Algorithms

Rigorous machine learning calibration, customer validated.

We designed the happiness index to give you actionable control over customer satisfaction, which is elusive by human nature. In order to get this right, each ingredient is continuously calibrated by specially designed machine learning algorithms, based on measurable customer outcomes. See an increase in the number of NPS detractors, while observing a clear decline in the score of digital care ingredients? The Happiness Index gives you that critical visibility, so you know exactly what to do to serve each individual customer better.

Monitor Dashboard
Management Dashboard

Monitor customer sentiments anytime and anywhere.

Customer experiences happen all the time. Yet most satisfaction surveys and reports are only conducted monthly, sometimes quarterly. Lynx Happiness Index delivers real time insights after each product engagement, and it can be accessed across company networks and portable devices. So that you will always be the first to know.

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