Rethink your data with graph analytics.

Bespoke solutions to unlock the real value of your data.

We begin each client conversation with a purposeful vision. For some, we help to design and implement entire big data platforms to enhance their sales and customer operations. For others, our graph algorithms generate drastic insights that were not feasible with traditional data warehouses and systems.

Our clients choose Lynx solutions for greater predictive accuracy, speed, and agility. Above all clients love the impact we create on their business and the trust we helped to build with their customers.

Data Management

Treasure in, treasure out

One of the hardest challenges when implementing big data is finding a solution that seamlessly aggregates and transforms disparate data sources from across the organization. Chances are your business has grown through mergers that resulted in a multitude of incompatible data warehouses and ERP systems.

Lynx deploys a versatile data lake designed to work with your existing systems without any need for modification. We continuously test and perfect the solution over years of hands-on data science and engineering practice, so that your data will work harder for you.

Use Case Design

Gain unique insights with the world’s fastest graph analytic Engine

Built on Apache Spark with over 100 embedded analytic operations such as PageRank, and Neural Networks, Lynx offers a premium big graph solution unmatched in speed and versatility. From transport planning, network optimization to Internet-of-Things (IoT), clients turn to Lynx for the next breakthrough.


Impact is our only KPI

Big data often requires big budgets. To justify the cost clients want to see tangible returns on their investment. That is why we have assembled a diverse team of data scientists, data engineers, and business consultants, who jointly create practical solutions to solve real business problems.

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