Beauty Product Retailer Improves SKU Productivity 

How Lynx Analytics built a powerful solution to enable a major personal care and beauty product retailer to manage and optimize its assortment plan on an ongoing basis as a function of SKU productivity and SKU interdependency.

How a global retailer uses AI to manage pricing and optimize revenues

Find out how a leading global fashion retailer leveraged data tools such as AI, machine learning and scenario-based planning to devise the optimal price increases across different product categories – all without sacrificing their bottom line.

How A global retailer transformed its planning capabilities with data engineering

Learn how Lynx Analytics created a data enablement solution for a global retailer, which allowed them to achieve a higher level of data automation, accuracy and efficiency and improve their sales and operations planning process.

Pricing discount and optimization For FMCG retail

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a model to forecast the optimum pricing and promotion strategies to find the best price points, understand how customers react to price changes, determine how far it could push prices without significant tradeoffs to other key metrics, and identify the best ways to discount and combine products on the store shelves.

Demand estimation tool helps retailer guide manufacturing, supply-chain and merchandizing decisions

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a data architecture and used machine learning to forecast global and regional product demand to generate planning insights for a retailer.

Global fruit supplier uses analytics and scenario planning to guide product distribution in the uncertain era of COVID-19

Learn how Lynx Analytics helped a global fruit supplier determine how COVID-19 impacted its sales in each market in 2020; assess the outlook for recovery from the COVID-19 in each market for 2021; and develop sensible scenarios it could use to guide its business plans for the coming season.

Product and price simulation tool helps global retailer increase in-store revenues during COVID-19 slowdown

Learn how the Lynx Retail Simulator helped a global retailer increase it’s in-store revenues in Japan during COVID-19.

Improving E-Commerce Strategy with Data Science

Learn how Lynx Analytics leveraged data science to help a global clothing retailer improve its e-commerce strategy to maximize revenues.