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Our Expertise

Increasing customer acquisition and retention across both online and offline channels with internal and external data.

Viral Customer Acquisition 


Acquire customers by understanding online and offline channels including word of mouth effect.

Fraud Prevention


Predict and prevent fraud, by training AI models with digital interactions.

Touchpoint Optimization


Use your ATM data to design next generation customer touchpoints.

How Digital Banks Can Use AI And Analytics To Improve Customer Lifetime Value And Profitability.

Lynx Analytics was invited by the Turkish AI Initiative to present at the recent TRAI Week event. Watch the video now.

How A Leading Payment Company Used AI to Combat Money Laundering

Find out how AI helped a cross-border remittance company optimize its transaction monitoring and anti- money laundering efforts.

How Banks Use Analytics To Improve Digital Customer Journeys And Profitability


Learn how you analytics can help you increase sign-ups and engagement, boost activations, improve savings, loans and payment balances and optimize marketing budget and spend in this e-book. 


Improving Customer Adoption of Digital-Only Banking Services  

Learn how applying data science can help digital banks motivate new, digital-only customers to use their app-based accounts.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value For A Neobank In Indonesia With Data Science Models

Find out how our Customer Value Model (CVM) and Audience Performance Booster (APB) application help identify high-value customers to maximize customer lifetime value.

Analyzing ATM Queue Conditions 

Find out how we created a convenient banking analytics solution that quantifies ATM queue lengths, peak times, accurately estimates wait times across all ATM touchpoints.

Using Social Network Analysis To Identify High Net-Worth Clients

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a leading banking organization in Asia identify its high network clients with social network analysis.


Improving the visibility on how your customers are connected with Analytics

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a banking institution on reducing the average adoption rate of its personal mobile wallet app from 140 days to 25 days with analytics.

How To Get Insights About Individual Customers Before The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Phase?

Most businesses would say that the trackable lifecycle for a digital customer starts after some form of KYC process has been completed. Access this free guide to learn how you can do pre-KYC identity matching.