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Delivering Powerful AI Solutions With Our Gen AI framework

A flexible framework to support Gen AI applications

We develop Generative AI solutions tailored to suit individual customer needs and leverage their exclusive proprietary data to the fullest extent. Whether it's creating an expert chatbot, a digital assistant, a recommendation engine, or a sentiment analyzer, we adopt a modular and layered approach, coupled with our deep proficiency in graphs. This ensures unparalleled flexibility in developing Generative AI applications, allowing us to meet diverse requirements with precision.

Some Use-Cases for our Generative AI Platform

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 5.54.34 PM

Expert assistant
for customer service

Provides fact-checked responses from compliance-vetted knowledge bases, with business rules acting as guardrails

CHI with Assistant (1)

analytics and dashboards

Users can use natural language to interrogate enterprise data and generate visualizations

CHI with Assistant (1)
Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 5.55.36 PM

Personalization engines & content suggestions

Users are presented with personalized messages and content based on profile information, interaction history, etc. without the need to create business rules and content catalogs

Python Example

Python code generator with Copilot-type functionality

Developers get automatic code suggestions and can let the system complete low-level tasks

Python Example
Sentiment Analysis Example-1

Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to gain insights about brand perception, customer satisfaction, product adoption & advocacy, etc.

The Gen AI applications layer offers ready-to-use solutions for the most common use cases that can be addressed by LLMs. Unlock the power of interactive dashboarding with real-time analysis, leverage chatbots for exceptional customer service and sales, or streamline your campaign and content management with automated processes.

Chatbot Builder & AI Search

Campaign Builder

ACL & Control Plane

Interactive Analytics & Dashboard

Content Manager

Customer Service / Campaign Monitoring

The Lynx Difference

The extensive utilization of Graph AI and Knowledge Graphs in our platform enables the rigorous codification of specific knowledge, thus improving the performance of any LLM for knowledge-intensive and domain-specific tasks. This approach offers several benefits:

Create Generative AI applications that can behave according to industry norms or a specific regulatory framework

Achieve greater accuracy of results and the ability to test these results with a formal test framework developed by Lynx Analytics

Support greater transparency and explainability of outputs, enhancing the trustworthiness and accountability of the system

Log conversations and visualize them to understand how the structure of a knowledge graph led to specific interactions between a user and an application

Avoid hallucinations and catastrophic forgetting by ensuring LLM-based applications rely mostly on curated data with a known structure

Our Technology Partners

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Tell Us About Your Project

We offer services to deploy our Generative AI platform in your current environment, help you develop applications, and put them into production. Having completed several Generative AI deployments of our technology for enterprise clients, we are in the best position to help you roll out Generative AI applications for your internal or external customers, and combine them with advanced analytics capabilities.