Our Healthcare Expertise

Better Business Insights

Customized Analytics, Tracking & Forecasting

Leverage tailor-made analytics solutions and online data tracking to monitor and predict impact of changing environment (e.g.COVID-19), brand performance and competitive actions, HCP online activities, etc.

Business Process Automation

Commercial and Sales Force Excellence

Employ latest tools integrating external sources of data to identify high-potential HCPs, adjust account segmentation and targeting, optimize sales representatives’ target HCP mix and products carried, and enhance multi-channel engagements.

Improve Customer Engagement

Closed-Loop Marketing

Improve in-market tracking and feedback collection using external online data or patient-engagement and/or doctor-engagement apps.

Helping healthcare companies across




Medical Products

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Digital ATUs for Pharmaceutical Firms—a More Savvy, Less Costly Way to Monitor Market Trends. Learn how Lynx Analytics is doing this with a live integrated dashboard that combines digital ATUs, web crawling data, a company’s commercial data and advanced analytics into a single platform.

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