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Gen AI Solutions
For Life Sciences

 Reinvent pharma CRM with our Gen AI Co-Pilot

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HCP Engagement

Our advanced AI technology allows you to get easy access to comprehensive HCP profiles, especially KOLs. Our integrated Machine Learning models provide powerful tactical recommendations for sales coverage.

Commercial Excellence -1

Get all the information you need via state-of-the-art dashboards

Commercial Excellence - 2

Augment your sales team’s knowledge with AI-based recommendations

Commercial Excellence - 3

Generate Next-Best action recommendations for any individual HCP

Commercial Excellence - 4

Get coverage suggestions that span across digital and traditional channels

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Medical Affairs

Identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and map out engagement plans.

Our advanced AI technology allows you to create Key Opinion Leader (KOL) rankings and Brand Adoption Ladder ratings. Our software-based solution brings into focus those physicians, researchers, and academics that can have the most influence for any given drug or therapy area.


Obtain comprehensive profiles for KOLs


Learn about KOLs preferred communication channels


Prioritize engagement activities

with KOLs based on potential


Clinical Trials and R&D

Optimise clinical trial plans as a function of your endpoint, candidates and participants.

Our advanced AI technology allows you to replace or improve bench research, identify key criteria for participants to achieve greater efficacy while maintaining safety, and increase probability of success for Phase 1 trials.

Clinical Trials - 1

Define specific criteria for study population


Narrow down possibilities for targets

Clinical Trials - 2

Predict prevalence of adverse events and understand correlations between them

Frame 91

Explore “hits” and their potential before doing bench research


Our Global Impact

We have effectively delivered a range of solutions across various regions, leveraging our deep understanding of pharmaceutical data and comprehensive knowledge of regulatory and legal requirements. The graph below showcases some of the solutions we've developed and the regions where they were implemented.

Our Clients in Life Sciences


Knowledge Center


GenAI: Revolutionizing CRM in Pharma

Learn how our advanced technology is reshaping traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems; particularly for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and sales representatives. 


Creating Personas for Successful Pharmaceutical Marketing 

Learn how we enhanced the transparency and relatability of persona attributes, fostering deeper collaboration between data scientists and marketing professionals for a prominent US-based pharmaceutical company.


Supercharging ATUs in Pharmaceutical Companies

Learn how pharma organizations can get ahead by identifying early indicators of emerging trends, such as changes in customer preferences and competitive landscape which can inform strategic decision making. 


Launch of a New Obesity Drug – How a Pharma Company Used AI to Improve HCP Engagement

Discover more about the transformative journey from traditional face-to-face engagements to digital channels in healthcare outreach. Explore the innovative strategies implemented to redefine high-value physician coverage and optimize engagement. Delve deeper into this case study to gain insights into the future of pharmaceutical go-to-market strategies.


Using Knowledge Graphs to Explore Vaccine Side Effects

In this short article we will use LynxKite, a graph tool developed by Lynx Analytics, to illustrate how a vaccine knowledge graph can be built to visualize clusters of side effects and identify patients that have a specific side effect, or a combination of side effects.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 4.03.59 PM

Using Graph Analytics to Simulate Changes in Gene Expression

Learn how we collaborated with a leading biotech company to analyze a set of genes that are over expressed in a condition and identify a target or a biomarker of poor prognosis or response to therapy.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 2.08.06 PM

Data Infrastructure Transformation Gives Global Pharmaceutical Firm A New Age 

Learn how Lynx Analytics partnered with a leading global pharmaceutical company to overhaul its legacy data systems, thereby empowering it to improve its customer engagement and optimise its commercial agenda. 


Best Practices for Pharma Analytics: Optimising the Brand Adoption Ladder

Learn how we developed a machine-leaning-based
recommendation engine that classifies HCPs based on factors including their interaction patterns with the pharmaceutical company, socio-demographic data, online behaviour and relevant sales data.