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LynxKite is a powerful open-source analytics tool built by Lynx Analytics for very large graphs and other datasets. It effortlessly helps reveal hidden network properties and detects unknown clusters in otherwise dormant raw data. 

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How LynxKite is Being Used

Gene expression analysis to identify potential therapeutic targets

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Fraud and money laundering detection for financial institutions based on crypto or traditional transaction data

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Route optimization for transport and logistics companies

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Large-scale network planning for telecoms

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SKU and distribution optimization for retailers with networks of warehouses and stores

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Product recommendation for upsell and cross-sell for e-commerce vendors

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Main Features


Import data (from MB to TB) from a variety of sources by working directly with traditional data sources or graph databases


Use algorithms from a large library of graph operations, including Graph AI operations


Put together complex data processing pipelines where you can combine graph operations, classical data analysis operations, and machine learning


And more...


Experiment with different approaches by discovering graphs and interpreting algorithm results at any step of the calculations, and tuning parameters


Combine the benefits of a friendly "no code" GUI as well as coding via a powerful Python integration (code embedding, Python API, code generation)


Scale to billions of edges thanks to the underlying Apache Spark cluster computing engine


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We offer tailored consulting services to implement LynxKite in your analytics environment and accelerate the learning curve. Having developed LynxKite, we are in the best position to help you learn how to use graph AI analytics to achieve your goals.