LynxKite - The Complete Graph Analytics Engine

The best data analytics software should come with a set of algorithms and applications that amplify its capabilities. With over 120 native algorithms and stunning visualizations, LynxKite effortlessly reveals hidden network properties and detects unknown clusters in otherwise dormant raw data.

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What's Graph Analytics?

Find out how modern graph theory can be used to identify the pattern of communities, behaviours and preferences across billions of nodes. Solve business problems such as demographic estimation,  product recommendations, fibre network optimization, fraud detection and more.



Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and Flexible

LynxKite architecture is built on top of Apache Spark and is scalable up to billions of nodes and edges.​


Easy Integrations

Integrate LynxKite easily with any 3rd party applications using the LynxKite Python APIs.

Native Graph Algorithms

Native Graph Algorithms

Native graph algorithms such as PageRank, community, and viral modeling.




Watch LynxKite In Action

A graph analytics engine built on top of Apache Spark.​ Watch this quick demo to understand the powerful functionalities of LynxKite and how it can benefit your business.

All in one toolbox for machine learning

Toolbox For Machine Learning

Model data easily in graph structures and run graph-based algorithms to discover communities and explore relationships between connected entities.

Describe Complex Computations Visually

Describe Complex Computations

Describe complex computation flows visually by creating workflows for data analysts to create efficient workflows for ETL, Machine Learning and visualization.

Wide Range of Import and Export Functions

Import And Export

Wide range of import and export formats such as CSV, JDBC, JSON, ORC, to Hive and Parquet.

Integrate With Popular Big Data Platforms And Tools

Google Cloud