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Solving Problems

Because AI Projects are for humans

Our Approach

We combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technical expertise to create solutions that improve people’s daily jobs. We are a solutions company: we discuss with you to understand your objectives and in collaboration with your teams we identify and create the solution that best fit your needs and processes. This requires an adequate mix of disciplines that are all part of our solution scope: business consulting, application development, data science, data engineering, and of course, change management.

Data Engineers are often the unsung hero of AI projects. Our experts work with different data sources to build automated data pipelines that deliver the right data at the right time to your AI application. Messy data, multiple sources, different formats… We have seen it all. Let our data engineers create the infrastructure to acquire and process the data you need.

Our Technology Partners
and Deployments

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Our Data Engineering Services


Use data pipelines to break down the barrier between different data islands and supports more timely insights.

We build ETL and data warehousing solutions customized to your needs and compatible with your existing tech stack:

And because the quantity of data and its structure can change over time, we also offer maintenance services to ensure your data pipeline continues to function as originally intended.

  • Multiple data sources and destinations
  • Batch mode or streaming
  • From simple data aggregation to complex transformations
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Cloud-based, on premises, or both

ML Ops


Make sure your data science models can be operationalized and achieve the desired deployment scale, whether they are part of a batch process or available through API calls.

We offer complete ML Ops services:

  • Model performance monitoring
  • Model re-training and update
  • Model changes without service interruptions

Cloud Data

Modernize your data infrastructure and reduce costs by moving to cloud data warehouses. We help companies create the right architecture, modify their pipelines, and migrate their data the cloud for more agile operations.


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