AI for Fashion-Forward Retailers

Improve performance of your assortment planning, pricing, and promotions decisions with Lynx Assort AI and Price AI solutions.

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Assort AI

Achieve greater accuracy and faster planning cycles. Predict demand on a daily basis for any SKU, for any store, for any channel. 

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Price AI

Harnesses the latest technologies in price optimization to help you understand the implications of your price decisions with Lynx Price AI.

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Promo AI

Optimize your promotion recommendations based on priorities for specific campaigns with Lynx Promo AI.

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When Science Meets Fashion!

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Knowledge Center

Beauty Product Retailer Improves SKU Productivity 

How Lynx Analytics built a powerful solution to enable a major personal care and beauty product retailer to manage and optimize its assortment plan on an ongoing basis as a function of SKU productivity and SKU interdependency.

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How A global retailer transformed its planning capabilities with data engineering

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Forecasting global and regional product demand to generate planning insights 

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a data architecture and used machine learning to forecast global and regional product demand to generate planning insights for a retailer.

Increasing in-store revenues  for a global retailer during COVID-19

Learn how the Lynx Analytics helped a global retailer increase it’s in-store revenues during COVID-19.

Improving E-Commerce Strategy with Data Science

Learn how Lynx Analytics leveraged data science to help a global clothing retailer improve its e-commerce strategy to maximize revenues.

How data analytics can future-proof your retail business

A comprehensive guide on how you can leverage data science and analytics to empower your retail business.

The science and art of endless aisle retailing

Jeroen Lievens explains how retailers can bring data science to the art of retailing to enhance the effectiveness of their endless aisle strategies.