For “new to data” clients, the first project typically leads to financial success and changes the way they think about their everyday jobs. I like to participate in these projects as they are full of innovation and happiness.


Director of Data Science

Marton Szel
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Sergii Zakharov, PhD

Senior Data Scientist


Attila Hortolanyi

Senior Data Scientist


Balazs Varga

Senior Data Scientist

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Leona Ang

Data Scientist

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Valerie Zhang

Data Scientist


Spike Lee

Data Scientist

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Joel Hon

Data Scientist


John Liu

Data Scientist


Marcell Nemeth

Data Scientist


Waleed Shafqat

Data Scientist


Makara Phav

Data Scientist


Damar Rifai

Senior Data Scientist

I am provided with great opportunities for exploring new technologies and projects that are aligned with my personal growth.


Senior Data Engineer

Anuj Syal
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Tuck Ging Chan

Senior Data Engineer

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Max Xing Ma

Data Visualisation Engineer

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Sindhu Sankaranarayanan

Data Engineer

At Lynx we are constantly pushing boundaries to drive value for our clients while delivering practical solutions. Our analytics projects are dynamic and impactful to an industry that becomes more relevant every day.


Lead Business Consultant

Juan Pablo Ubidia

Adrienne Lee

Managing Partner Hong Kong

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Ankit Agrawal

Lead Business Consultant

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Junko Yanagi

Senior Business Consultant

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Timothy Koh

Senior Business Consultant

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Mai Tomida

Business Consultant

Nadia Naidu

Nadia Naidu

Business Analyst

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Narcissa Koh

Business Consultant

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Harsh Punwani

Business Consultant

I like the flexible working arrangement in Lynx. It helps me to have a good work-life balance and motivates me to work to my full potential.


Senior Accounts Executive


Surangi Peiris
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Edina Choo

Director of People


Li Lee

Finance Director

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Rachel Tan

Talent Acquisition Manager


Yvonne Ho



Desiana Putri

Associate Corporate Counsel


Bianka Bor-Szolnoki

Accountant Assistant & Office Manager

Seeing the positive results we create for clients is great; being able to showcase them in our marketing materials is like the icing on the cake!


VP of Marketing and Product

Francois de Repentigny
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Krisheno R

Head of Digital Marketing

"We add little flourishes to the software that we build, like ray traced icons and games inside loading indicators. I wish I could do silly things full-time."


Chief Architect



Daniel Darabos

Gabor Krivachy

Country Manager, Hungary


Lena Herasymenko

Software Developer

Innovating new solutions and approaches to help financial services companies deal with regulatory challenges”


CEO, Cylynx & Data Scientist


Timothy Lin

Jason Ho

Data Engineer

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Swan Htet Lin

Data Engineer


Ying Hua Chai

Front-end Developer