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From smart manufacturing to smart retail to smart cities, the combination of AI & 5G will transform the way we live.

Hong Kong is among the first places in the world to achieve more than 90 percent 5G coverage; discover the future of 5G consumer and enterprise opportunities in this video from Hong Kong Telecom, Lynx Analytics key investor and customer.


Our Expertise

Business Process Automation

Predicting Customer Data

Build better customer experience by uncovering hidden information.

Better Business Insights

Network Planning & Optimization

Reduce the cost of deployments and maximize the quality of service.

Improve Customer Engagement

App Experience

Drive engagement to your application and increase sales.

Your next 5G site roll out?
Learn how HKT did it with CHI

When Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) started planning its 5G strategy, it wanted to bring commercial factors into the decision. But which sites should it upgrade first? How could HKT know where an improvement in network speed and coverage would have most impact? Learn how, HKT turned to its own insights tool the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) to achieve this.

Improving Customer Value Management (CVM)

Celcom partnership with Lynx Analytics helped them understand their customers experience better. Lynx Analytics transformed its service offerings on customer retention and helped them better target their customers better.

Will AI transform the Telco C-suite?

Explore the changes machine learning is already bringing to the telco world – and look ahead to future possibilities.


Predicting Silent Network Complainers

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) do many things. Above all building and maintaining the network is the operator's number one priority. While there are actions an operator can take when a subscriber complains, what happens to customers who don't?

What Customer Experiences Truly Drive ARPU and Churn

Beyond NPS samples, Lynx Analytics has developed a solution that measures correlational impact of daily usage experiences on consumer satisfaction for each individual customer. In this paper we will showcase a few highlighted findings from one mobile and broadband operator. We think the results will surprise you.

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