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Lynx Analytics Shares Views with Channel NewsAsia on Copyright Act

Lynx Analytics’ Chief Solutions Officer, Amit Akhelikar, shares his views with Channel NewsAsia on Singapore’s proposed Copyright Act changes and their potential to fuel further innovation in data analytics.

The Law Ministry on Thursday released a report outlining proposed changes to the Act after a three-year review and public consultations. Among the proposed changes: A new exception to allow users to copy lawfully accessed data for data analysis.

“We are in the business of data – it’s one of the most precious assets in the 21st century, and we have to be mindful we’re mining it within the right legal and regulatory frameworks the Government has set up,” said chief solutions officer at Lynx Analytics, Amit Akhelikar.

“The first is around consent – we make sure the data we’re using it has user consent. If we bring in third-party data to supplement that analysis we make sure it’s covered under the copyright policy … if it is under the fair policy usage we give proper credit where it’s due.”