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Lynx Analytics - Top 10 Big Data Solution Provider 2018

 Lynx Analytics

Lynx Analytics: Solving Real, Complex Problems with the Power of Big Data Graph Analytics

As an industry big data solutions are commoditizing rapidly. This is true in so many ways. Cloud computing and storage are becoming more affordable and accessible. Hadoop provides a standardized framework to support data analytics at a scale of billions. Meanwhile, there will be more and more publicly available data services, including open source libraries. Companies are increasingly building their own data departments and mandating data collection, protection, and analysis as a business requirement. The future advantage in big data will no longer be in scale alone, but the innovation of new analytic techniques and their commercial applications.

Lynx Analytics, as a solutions company want to be one of the first graph companies to build end-to-end solutions that solve real business problems, particular in the nature of customer engagement and enlightenment. In some ways company sees itselves as a hybrid between analytic software vendor and management consulting company. That really is what is unique about their business.

Applying Graph Theory to Solve Business Problems

Lynx Analytics is a graph analytics and solutions company, at their core. By the word “graph” they do not refer to data charts like pie or bar charts. Neither are they developing data visualization software like Tableau or Power BI. Their definition of “graph” comes from the mathematical graph theory, which is the study of connected data points and structure of networks. PageRank, an internet search algorithm made famous by Google, is a perfect example of this.
What the team has done at Lynx Analytics is to take the idea of graph theory and apply modern big data technology and techniques to it. As a proprietary software their solution is built on Apache Spark for its power and scalability. But it doesn’t stop there. They think what makes them unique is that they commercialize their technology by building an entire solution with real-world use cases around it. They do this by working closely with their B2B clients, such as communication service providers, and pioneering innovative solutions based on big graphs. The Customer Happiness Index solution is a great example of this.

Driving Force of Lynx Analytics

Gyorgy Lajtai is the Managing Director of Lynx Analytics. He has always been interested in applying data analytics to optimize how businesses are run. Earlier, Gyorgy worked for INSEAD, one of Europe’s top executive business schools, and developed a new analytics-driven marketing and sales methodology. Gyorgy and his team started Lynx Analytics in 2010 to test out their ideas of applying graph theory to solve business problems. The company is headquartered in Asia, though they were able to open an R&D office in Hungary, where most of the founders of Lynx Analytics originally came from. Since 2017 they are rapidly expanding internationally including Europe and Africa.

Strategies for Success

First, Lynx Analytics needs to maintain curiosity in technology and constantly look at what is possible. Over the past few years company has re-invested 70% of its profits each year into R&D, and Lynx Analytics has a dedicated team that looks into the combination of big graphs and deep learning, such as neural networks.

Second, the Lynx Analytics constantly looks at competition and client markets for signals on new trends and technologies. By being an end-to-end solution provider, the company has the unique opportunity to test drive new features or models out of their lab. Their Single Household View, based on mobile subscriber call data records, is a great example and was conceived and built on real business needs.

Data Safety Solutions

Lynx Analytics offers clients a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure personal data privacy, protect against misuse or threats, and enable regulatory and IT compliance. Their security controls are based on industry standards and include full data encryption, hashing, masking, fine-grained access control, auditing, and strong user authentication.
With Lynx Analytics, clients can deploy reliable data security solutions that require no changes to existing applications, saving time and money.

Benefits for Clients of Lynx Analytics

Lynx Analytics’ clients operate in hyper competitive markets, like telecommunications. What we are seeing is a lot more consolidation, price competition, and revenue erosion from digital OTT players. So if you are a communications service provider (CSP) today, you care about differentiating your services based on value and customer experience. You want speed and plug-and-play solutions, and don’t need to have multiple ‘digital transformation’ projects just so you can deploy an innovative analytics solution.

That is the vision of Lynx Analytics as a company. They want to become the number 1 infocommunications analytics solution provider, while exploring mobile device-adjacent verticals like IoT, fintech, security, health. All of these businesses share one common trait: massive amounts of rich customer data and a strong element of connectivity. That is the sweet spot for them.

The Future Roadmap

Lynx Analytics’ flagship solution is called Customer Happiness Index. A lot of B2C enterprises measure customer satisfaction through surveys and related metrics. However, one challenge remains on true, effective actionability. Business decision makers want that transparency and control over how customers feel about their service. This is where big data can make a huge difference.

“Customer Happiness Index (CHI) is our answer to this puzzle. It is an always-on, segment-of-1 index on customer experience and loyalty prediction. Every day we score each experience, what we call ‘happiness ingredients’, which add up to one consummate index that indicates the state of satisfaction from a customer. This way, you know exactly what is affect customers, and what can be done to deliver a better experience pre-emptively,” asserts Gyorgy. “It is built on our proprietary graph technology and single household view algorithms. These techniques allow us to correlate the score with actual business outcomes, which you are free to define (e.g. revenue, net promoter scores, churn rates). We are really excited and passionate about this solution and methodology.”

Source :-The 10 Best Performing Big Data Solution Providers 2018