Our Supply Chain Expertise

Better Business Insights

Data-driven scenario modelling using internal and third-party data sources

Business Process Automation

Simulation tools to identify potential weaknesses and explore remedial actions

Improve Customer Engagement

Quantifying predicted impacts in terms of time, money, etc. based on various conditions

supply mob

End-to-end view of your supply chain allows you to


Create and optimize a resilient global distribution strategy


Manage changing conditions and predict
impacts with what-if scenarios and


Find optimal mitigation measures



How to Achieve a Resilient and Optimized Supply Chain with Data Analytics?

Be it retail, pharmaceuticals or manufacturing, it’s virtually impossible to name an industry
that hasn’t been affected by supply chain disruptions – which have become even more acute
during the pandemic. Here’s how you can harness data analytics to tackle these challenges
and implement a robust supply chain to fuel your commercial success.

Can Graph Analytics Solve The Problem of The World’s Messed Up Supply Chains?

Learn how Lynx Analytics uses LynxKite to not just give real-time visibility into supply chains, but to map them – and then use these maps to model scenarios, create simulations and explore potential impacts and outcomes.

Anticipate Disruptions and Identify Mitigating Strategies 

Lynx has vast experience in developing models and data-driven scenarios that allow you to explore options and potential outcomes when facing business disruptions and market uncertainty. We like to leverage a variety of data sources, both internal but also from third parties to create simulations that enable you to plan operational details. Our typical solutions allow you to quantify impacts on business and find optimal remedial actions.

Demand Estimation Tool Helps Retailer Guide Manufacturing, Supply-Chain and Merchandizing Decisions

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a data architecture and used machine learning to forecast global and regional product demand to generate planning insights for a retailer.

Global Fruit Supplier Uses Analytics and Scenario Planning To Guide Product Distribution In The Uncertain Era of COVID-19

Learn how Lynx Analytics helped a global fruit supplier determine how COVID-19 impacted its sales in each market in 2020; assess the outlook for recovery from the COVID-19 in each market for 2021; and develop sensible scenarios it could use to guide its business plans for the coming season.

Robust Demand Forecasting Model With 80% Accuracy For Mobile Handsets

Find out how our team helped a telecom provider in Germany accurately manage product lines, negotiate the best prices from handset vendors, and align promotions and subsidies with customer upgrade cycles.

Inventory Management and Station Planning For A Bike Share Operator

Find out how Lynx helped relocate bikes more effectively and ensure demand could be met by rerouting excess supplies to appropriate bike stations.