Will AI transform the Telco C-suite?


Explore the changes machine learning is already bringing to the telco world – and look ahead to future possibilities.


How banks use analytics to improve digital customer journeys and profitability


Learn how you analytics can help you increase sign-ups and engagement, boost activations, improve savings, loans and payment balances and optimize marketing budget and spend in this e-book. 


How Data Analytics Can Help Pharmaceutical Firms Modernize Engagement With Key Opinion Leaders And Improve Sales Performance

Learn how you can use any combination of sales, CRM, web crawling and KOL data to meet marketing and sales objectives.

What Customer Experiences Truly Drive ARPU and Churn

Beyond NPS samples, Lynx Analytics has developed a solution that measures correlational impact of daily usage experiences on consumer satisfaction for each individual customer. In this paper we will showcase a few highlighted findings from one mobile and broadband operator. We think the results will surprise you.

Top 5 External Data Types For The Retail Industry


An introduction to the top five external datasets that retailers can collect to better support store-level strategic and tactical decisions for their entire network. 

How To Get Insights About Individual Customers Before The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Phase?

Most businesses would say that the trackable lifecycle for a digital customer starts after some form of KYC process has been completed. Access this free guide to learn how you can do pre-KYC identity matching.

Digital ATUs For Pharmaceutical Firms 


Learn how Lynx Analytics uses a live integrated dashboard that combines digital ATUs, web crawling data, a company’s commercial data and advanced analytics into a single platform for dynamic insights to improve pharmaceutical companies success rates.

Predicting Silent Network Complainers


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) do many things. Above all building and maintaining the network is the operator's number one priority. While there are actions an operator can take when a subscriber complains, what happens to customers who don't?

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