Best Practices For Pharma Analytics

In this three-part series, learn how pharmaceutical companies can leverage advanced data analytics and AI solutions to have a radical effect on their commercial operations.

Predicting Patient Outcomes with Graph Representation Learning Using LynxKite

Learn how to use graph representation learning to predict patient outcomes following admission to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Using Knowledge Graphs To Explore Vaccine Side Effects

Learn how a vaccine knowledge graph can be built to visualize clusters of side effects and identify patients that have a specific side effect, or a combination of side effects.

Using Graph Analytics To Simulate Changes In Gene Expression

Learn how we simulated the impact of changes in gene expression across a network of genes. See how machine learning can pinpoint the most advantageous target for an effective therapeutic intervention.

How Data Analytics Can Help Pharmaceutical Firms Modernize Engagement With Key Opinion Leaders And Improve Sales Performance

Learn how you can use any combination of sales, CRM, web crawling and KOL data to meet marketing and sales objectives.

New Data Tools Helping Pharmaceutical Firms Find Their Best Advocates

Learn how pharmaceutical companies can use AI to have the opportunity to track and evaluate KOLs with high accuracy and in real time. 

Digital ATUs For Pharmaceutical Firms 

Learn how Lynx Analytics uses a live integrated dashboard that combines digital ATUs, web crawling data, a company’s commercial data and advanced analytics into a single platform for dynamic insights to improve pharmaceutical companies success rates.

Bring Your Pharmaceutical Business Into the 21st Century With Data Analytics

Read on to discover how data analytics can optimise your sales and marketing efforts – and prime your organisation for commercial success.

Best Practices For Pharma Analytics - Dashboards For Business Operations

Learn how dashboards can empower pharmaceutical companies with centralised, comprehensive & real-time data to optimise business monitoring and decision-making processes.




Pharma Analytics - Creating Digital Personas of Your Customers

How designing digital profiles of your target HCPs can empower you to tailor your commercial strategies for better and more successful results.

Data Infrastructure Transformation Gives Global Pharmaceutical Firm A New Edge

Learn how Lynx Analytics partnered with a leading global pharmaceutical company to overhaul its legacy data systems, thereby empowering it to improve its customer engagement and optimise its commercial agenda. 




Beauty Product Retailer Improves SKU Productivity 

How Lynx Analytics built a powerful solution to enable a major personal care and beauty product retailer to manage and optimize its assortment plan on an ongoing basis as a function of SKU productivity and SKU interdependency.

HKT Improves Customer Service Productivity with Generative AI

Learn how HKT sought to transform its customer service operations by leveraging AI technology.

How A Leading Payment Company Used AI to Combat Money Laundering

Find out how AI helped a cross-border remittance company optimize its transaction monitoring and anti- money laundering efforts.

How a global retailer uses AI to manage pricing and optimize revenues


Find out how a leading global fashion retailer leveraged data tools such as AI, machine learning and scenario-based planning to devise the optimal price increases across different product categories – all without sacrificing their bottom line.

How a global retailer transformed its planning capabilities with data engineering

Learn how Lynx Analytics created a data enablement solution for a global retailer, which allowed them to achieve a higher level of data automation, accuracy and efficiency and improve their sales and operations planning process.

Pricing discount and optimization For FMCG retail

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a model to forecast the optimum pricing and promotion strategies to find the best price points, understand how customers react to price changes, determine how far it could push prices without significant tradeoffs to other key metrics, and identify the best ways to discount and combine products on the store shelves.

Demand estimation tool helps retailer guide manufacturing, supply-chain and merchandizing decisions

Learn how Lynx Analytics developed a data architecture and used machine learning to forecast global and regional product demand to generate planning insights for a retailer.

Global fruit supplier uses analytics and scenario planning to guide product distribution in the uncertain era of COVID-19

Learn how Lynx Analytics helped a global fruit supplier determine how COVID-19 impacted its sales in each market in 2020; assess the outlook for recovery from the COVID-19 in each market for 2021; and develop sensible scenarios it could use to guide its business plans for the coming season.

Your next 5G site roll out?
Learn how HKT did it with CHI

When Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) started planning its 5G strategy, it wanted to bring commercial factors into the decision. But which sites should it upgrade first? How could HKT know where an improvement in network speed and coverage would have most impact? Learn how, HKT turned to its own insights tool the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) to achieve this.

Improving Customer Value Management (CVM)

Celcom partnership with Lynx Analytics helped them understand their customers experience better. Lynx Analytics transformed its service offerings on customer retention and helped them better target their customers better.

Product and price simulation tool helps global retailer increase in-store revenues during COVID-19 slowdown

Learn how the Lynx Retail Simulator helped a global retailer increase it’s in-store revenues in Japan during COVID-19.

Improving E-Commerce Strategy with Data Science

Learn how Lynx Analytics leveraged data science to help a global clothing retailer improve its e-commerce strategy to maximize revenues.

Inventory Management and Station Planning For A Bike Share Operator

Find out how Lynx helped relocate bikes more effectively and ensure demand could be met by rerouting excess supplies to appropriate bike stations.

Improving Customer Adoption of Digital-Only Banking Services  

Learn how applying data science can help digital banks motivate new, digital-only customers to use their app-based accounts.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value For A Neobank In Indonesia With Data Science Models

Find out how our Customer Value Model (CVM) and Audience Performance Booster (APB) application help identify high-value customers to maximize customer lifetime value.

Analyzing ATM Queue Conditions 

Find out how we created a convenient banking analytics solution that quantifies ATM queue lengths, peak times, accurately estimates wait times across all ATM touchpoints.

Seasonal Store Assortment Planning And Optimisation

Find out how our team helped a leading apparel retailer leverage data science models for smart inventory allocation. 

Robust Demand Forecasting Model With 80% Accuracy For Mobile Handsets

Find out how our team helped a telecom provider in Germany accurately manage product lines, negotiate the best prices from handset vendors, and align promotions and subsidies with customer upgrade cycles.

Predictive Maintenance of Network Infrastructure

Reducing equipment irregularities, such as battery failures and conduct preventive maintenance.


Using Social Network Analysis To Identify High Net-Worth Clients

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a leading banking organization in Asia identify its high network clients with social network analysis.


Viral Modelling for Demography Estimation

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a major telecommunications provider in the Philippines to identify the gender of their unknown subscriber base using Viral Modelling.


Churn Prevention Management using Predictive Models

Find out how Lynx helped a leading telecommunications service provider in Southeast-Asia save 10 million USD per month by retaining 2 million of their subscribers by predicting customer churn.


Graph Analytics for Transport Scenario Planning 

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a major government transport organization to optimize its public transport network.

Single Household View

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a telecommunication company on improving the accuracy of identifying a single household view from 30% to ~70%?

Fibre CAPEX Optimization

Find out how we are able to maximize customer lifetime value for mobile telecommunications service providers with fibre capex optimization. Here is an example in which we were able to reduce the cost of fibre deployments by approximately 30% for an Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator.

Improving the visibility on how your customers are connected with Analytics

Find out how our team at Lynx helped a banking institution on reducing the average adoption rate of its personal mobile wallet app from 140 days to 25 days with analytics.

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