Introducing Client Connectivity Visualizer

Updated: Aug 13
By: Geraldine Sim

In sectors like private banking, relationships between different account-holders often take on multiple, complex forms that make it hard for anyone to fully comprehend.


With thousands of transactions between millions of individuals on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to properly spot the connections that matter. This is immensely useful when it comes to fraud investigations or even understanding a potential customer’s connections before approving the loan.


With the Lynx Client Connectivity Visualizer (CCV), all transactions between all accounts that be seamlessly drawn out and filtered in multiple ways – allowing for the bank to effortlessly view transaction connectivities and possibly initiate joint business developments across connected accounts.



The possibilities of Lynx CCV implementation is limitless; imagine a graph that draws out lines that represent every connection between every individual – no matter how regular or significant. What are some of the possibilities you think Lynx CCV can be used for?


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