Engagement Optimizer Mobile-1-1

Engagement Optimizer enables you to integrate data from different sources and create HCP
segments based on attitudes, adoption ladder scores, and channel preferences. You can plan
channel-specific engagement and next-best action for sales and marketing teams. Access
information daily with dashboards that let you plan and report on your progress.

Drive prescriptions and brand adoption with our AI solution, which accurately suggests what content to provide a physician, at what frequency and through which channel
Enhance sales force efficiency by optimizing the physician engagement mix, striking a balance between face-to-face coverage and virtual calls
Track KPIs on one platform, combining CRM data, sales/prescriptions, marketing campaigns and external sources

Understand the perceptions, needs, and behaviors of HCPs to optimize your omnichannel engagement strategy. Our solution, Engagement Optimizer, lets you target high-potential HCPs through the right channel using the right content.

Segment HCPs according to factors such as adoption ladder score, KOL score, interests, omnichannel preferences and integrate suggestions to Veeva, IQVIA CRM, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Implement a targeted strategy for sales rather than a one-size-fits-all approach by enriching profiles with external data


Attract high-potential HCPs and KOLs through personalized marketing


Visualize and analyze data in a graphics-rich environment using industry-standard tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik