COVID-19 Resources



Global Fruit Supplier uses Analytics and Scenario Planning to Guide Product Distribution in the Uncertain Era of COVID-19

Learn how Lynx Analytics helped a global fruit supplier determine how COVID-19 impacted its sales in each market in 2020; assess the outlook for recovery from the COVID-19 in each market for 2021; and develop sensible scenarios it could use to guide its business plans for the coming season.

Product and price simulation tool helps global retailer increase in-store revenues during COVID-19 slowdown

Learn how the Lynx Retail Simulator helped a global retailer increase it’s in-store revenues in Japan during COVID-19.

Seasonal Store Assortment Planning And Optimisation

Find out how our team helped a leading apparel retailer leverage data science models for smart inventory allocation. 

Effective Pricing Strategies for Telecom Operators During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-reaching effects on the world’s economy. Although the telecom industry has managed to weather the storm, it has seen a major change in usage habits and a decrease in consumer spending power.

Rebooting Retail Analytics

When was the last time you went to a retail store? With lockdown measures across the globe resulting in physical stores being closed for weeks and even months on end, it’s no surprise that retail footfall and revenues have fallen dramatically in 2020. 

Analytics can Guide Retail Store Openings After COVID-19

In this article, we explain how retailers can use COVID-19 impact analyses to get back to business. By leveraging readily available big data and analytics, retailers can pinpoint the best opportunities to capture value, minimize losses, and optimize profits in this highly disrupted, highly uncertain market. 







Our data scientists have been hard at work, creating and updating models to take into account the impact of COVID-19 on our clients’ business, helping them adapt to the new normal. Whether it is for demand forecasting, customer satisfaction, or to accelerate digital transformation, the need to revisit how analytics is applied has been heightened.
The common thread between most of our COVID-19-era projects is that we integrate publicly available data such as Google mobility data, government information about social distancing measures/restrictions, school closures, etc. to predict how things will unfold for our clients. We also leverage our experience in the Chinese market, which has been at the forefront of the recovery cycle, to guide our projects in other markets.
There are quite a few publicly available data sources that can be helpful. Here is a list of the top external resources we have used at Lynx Analytics recently to keep our analysis relevant and insightful.