About The Company

A multinational banking and financial services corporation in Asia with over 8 million customers in 18 markets. A market leader in consumer banking, treasury and markets, asset management, securities brokerage, equity and debt fund-raising.


The primary objective of our client was to identify its high net-worth clients to build high revenue relationships and a pool of rich network for referrals. Since traditional business intelligence tools were not able to provide our client with advanced segmentation options by analyzing their existing data with quantitative techniques.  

With the help of our data science team at Lynx, our client was looking to categorize potential clients who had a relatively higher spending potential to improve their targeting options in their marketing campaigns.

Our Solution

  • Collate client’s data including products and services, raw data from transactional systems such as IB, GIRO, Cheque, ATM, NETS, Credit Card transactions
  • Analyzed Database (DB) size and structure to prepare for data cleansing and merge data
  • Built a supergraph from 9 base graphs
  • Created predictive models using Lynx algorithms on high net worth customers based on demographic, behavioural and Social Network Analysis (SNA) derived variables.
Our Solution

The Outcome

Our client was provided with a list of customers based on their net worth scores and their social network circles for effective sales, marketing and campaign management.