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Lynx Analytics Gains Commercial Momentum in the Life Sciences Industry with Several New Customers

Lynx Analytics has recently added two major pharmaceutical companies to its list of several global pharma customers, highlighting a strong demand for solutions that optimize omnichannel HCP engagement through the application of AI.

The pharma industry is facing significant challenges when it comes to commercial effectiveness. Engaging with HCPs is increasingly difficult due to the reduced accessibility of traditional face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, the increase in digital adoption creates an opportunity, but most pharma companies find this hard to harness.

To overcome these challenges, sales teams at industry-leading pharma companies are leveraging AI solutions from Lynx Analytics to create a multi-channel approach that supports highly personalized engagement journeys for their HCPs, without losing sight of their commercial priorities.

What started as a pilot project for a regional sales team has developed over the years into a mature solution, which is used by thousands of pharma representatives across Europe and Asia for several drugs covering oncology, bone health, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, and obesity. Over time, elements of forecasting were introduced to improve the accuracy of engagement recommendations and modules to address patient support programs were also added.

The addition of two major pharmaceutical companies to Lynx Analytics' pharma customer base is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of its solutions. Lynx Analytics provides AI and data analytics solutions that enable companies to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.