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Imagine Sdn Bhd partners with Lynx Analytics to accelerate Brunei’s smart nation initiative

Imagine ups efforts to realise Smart Nation vision

As Imagine Sdn Bhd (imagine) continues to explore ways to better serve its customers through the use of the latest technology, the company has partnered with Singapore-based Lynx Analytics, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science solutions, to help accelerate Brunei’s Smart Nation initiative through data-driven solutions.

This partnership, the latest in a series of initiatives to bring in international expertise, provides government and corporate organisations the opportunity to leverage on AI-driven analytics to transform customer interactions and support the commercialisation of new services for industries ranging from telecommunications, banking, retail and pharmaceutical.

At its core data analytics is the process, or science, of analysing raw data with the objective to detect trends, pattern and behaviour, answer questions or draw conclusions where, using various techniques, raw data is converted into information that allow companies and organisations to analyse important metrics.

By using data analytics service such as the one provided by the imagine-Lynx Analytics partnership, local companies now have access to the development of predictive models to support the acquisition of new businesses, cross-sell opportunities, and aid in the managing and minimising churn on an ongoing basis. This is achievable through enhancing key business functions such as, but not limited to, customer behaviour, product and services management as well as campaign management.

Through this partnership, Lynx Analytics continues to provide training to imagineers as imagine continues to support the Brunei Government’s objective to upskill locals to meet 21st Century demands in the field of technology. As a by-product of the collaboration, imagine now has human capital that is capable of supporting a data analytics environment.

imagine Chief Executive Officer Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju said, “With each partnership that we forge, we also aim to increase the capabilities of our people. Our efforts thus far are more than just bringing in outside expertise but also to strengthen the capabilities of our people and Bruneians as a whole. By understanding the use of raw data through the training that we receive, we have an appreciation of our customer’s behaviours to then develop products and services that are catered to them, which drive our business strategy.”

Lynx Analytics’ Chief Operating Officer Amit Akhelikar said, “This is the beginning of a great partnership and we are looking forward to bring our more than 10 years of expertise in AI and analytics to support Bruneian businesses including imagine in its growth and transformation.”

Lynx Analytics is at the forefront of advanced analytics, serving telecommunications, financial services, life sciences and retail verticals with clients including HKT, Vodafone, Singtel, Telkomsel, DBS, Levi’s, and Singapore’s IMDA.