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Lynx Analytics Partners with TelkomSigma to Deliver Customer Happiness Index to Telkom Indonesia.

Solution will continue to improve customer experience for Telkom Indonesia’s fast-growing customer base

SINGAPOREMarch 11, 2020 - Lynx Analytics, a leader in artificial intelligence and data science solutions, and Telkomsigma, the leader in innovative ICT-based end-to-end solutions for companies in Indonesia, are collaborating to deliver the Customer Happiness Index to Telkom Indonesia's Consumer Segment. This will support Telkom Indonesia in its mission to be the most preferred digital telco to empower the society.

The project is part of Telkom Indonesia customer experience transformation that is aimed to deliver a "wow" customer experience through a digital lifestyle. It will see the creation of rich data pipelines to feed the Customer Happiness Index, an AI-driven analytics solution to improve customer experience. This will enable Telkom Indonesia to have detailed information about the drivers behind customer satisfaction. The solution will allow Telkom Indonesia to predict crucial customer experience metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) for any subscriber across its entire base and give indications on how to improve NPS. This represents highly valuable information as Telkom Indonesia is rapidly expanding its network and adding subscribers.

"Producing quality customer experience is a must in today's world, but customer satisfaction can be volatile. Customer Happiness Index allows operators to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to improving customer experience," says Gyorgy Lajtai, Lynx Analytics' CEO. "Our solution is like having data science in a box; it provides the necessary insights to guide successful customer experience improvement initiatives" he added.

"We are pleased to work with Lynx Analytics to deliver a highly innovative solution and further our support for Telkom Indonesia's growth objectives," said Tante Suratno, Telkomsigma's Business & Sales Director.

About Lynx Analytics

Headquartered in Singapore, Lynx Analytics is a leader in artificial intelligence and data science solutions. With a strong expertise in predictive analytic models, we help businesses enhance customer experience and predict outcomes such as churn rates, customer lifetime value, NPS and ARPU.

About Telkomsigma

Telkomsigma was established in 1987, and since then has always been committed to be the leader in providing innovative ICT-based end-to-end solutions for companies, both in Indonesia and abroad. With our vision to be the home of IT leaders in Indonesia, we make it our mission to become the most trusted partner in providing and applying the benefits of ICT solutions to accelerate our customers' business growth.