Lynx Analytics omnichannel analytic capabilities unify customer  demand data and provides granular insights helping retailers drive  profitability and stay competitive_mobile

Assortment Optimization

Predict customer demand by channel and forecast the impact on future sales through analysis of key consumer metrics such as demographics, purchase behavior and customer segmentation. Understand your customer preferences and determine the best assortment mix with advanced clustering.




Determine merchandising for brick-and-mortar and online channels, product pricing and inventory levels. Create relevant assortments and optimize your inventory. Make pricing decisions that appeal to your customers and support e-commerce fulfillments.



Size Profiling Optimization

Understand historical sales and true-size demand. Forecast product quantities down to size level per store based on your customer preferences and increase overall sales productivity. 



Price Optimization 

Determine how your customers will respond to different prices for products through multiple channels. Understand the impact of your product prices on store performance and sales volume.



Find out how our team helped a leading apparel retailer leverage data science models for assortment optimization.

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