About The Company

A multinational banking and financial services corporation in Asia with over 8 million customers in 18 markets. A market leader in consumer banking, treasury and markets, asset management, securities brokerage, equity and debt fund-raising, the organization have been using digital technology and innovation to extend their reach and enhance their efficiencies.


The client wanted to accelerate the speed of adoption of its new mobile wallet application to 45 million users in an average adoption timeline of 140 days.

Our Solution

  • Built multiple user relationship graphs, incorporating Facebook, co-location, p2p transactions, and user referral data.
  • Leverage Lynx proprietary algorithms to identify various user networks and Key Influencers.
  • Multi-wave pilot Below the Line (BTL) campaign
Our Solution
Our Solution

The Outcome?

Reduced the average adoption time to 25 days instead of 140 days